CWR09/19/29 MIL-PRF-55365

T4Z Series
Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance ranging from 0.10µF to 330µF
  • Voltage range from 4V to 50V
  • Recommended for space level or mission critical designs
Typical Applications
  • Satellites
  • Space exploration vehicles

The CWR09, 19, and 29 series, all qualified to the high reliability molded tantalum chip series MIL-PRF-55365, are available with “T” level testing. This series has eight case sizes (A through H) which are fully interchangeable with CWR06 conformal types, while offering the advantages of molded body/compliant termination construction (ensuring no TCE mismatch with any substrate). The parts also carry full polarity and capacitance / voltage marking.