COTS-Plus – TCB Conductive Polymer

TCB Series
Features & Benefits
  • Robust design for long operation lifetime
  • Statistical screening with Accelerated Ageing
  • Surge testing level option
  • Improved basic reliability 0.5%/1000 hrs.
  • Humidity 85°C/85%RH, Vr, 500/1000 hrs.
  • -55 to +125°C operation temperature
  • Shock and vibration from MIL-STD-202
  • DCL 0.1 CV
  • 3x reflow cycles according to J-STD-020
  • Benign failure mode under recommended use conditions
Typical Applications
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC/DC Convertors
  • Military
  • Filtering
  • Decoupling
  • Timing Circuits
  • Pulsing Circuits

TCB is a COTS Plus conductive polymer series designed for use in demanding industrial applications requiring very low ESR with stable, high frequency CAP retention and longer life performance – such as high power DC/DC converters employed in telecommunications, industrial and avionics. The series exhibits improved basic reliability 0.5%/1000hrs at 85°C, capacitors are designed to withstand biased humidity testing at 85°C/85% R.H. for 500/1000 hours and rated for operation up to 125°C. Additional surge screening at -55°C and 85°C and SnPb plating optional upon request.