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Application GuidesProduct Guides
5G / Internet of Things (IoT)Aluminum Capacitors
AutomotiveAntenna Products
Automotive Circuit ProtectionCrystal Devices | High-Precision TCXO - 5G Base Stations
Automotive Crystal DevicesCrystal Devices | Low-Phase Noise TCXO
Automotive SuperCapacitorsCrystal Devices | Z-Series Clock Oscillator
Circuit ProtectionConnector Products - Overview
ConsumerDIN Connectors
Connector Lineup for CASE and Other ApplicationsConnector Products - Fine Pitch & Industrial Connectors
Emissions Control - Exhaust Gas After-TreatmentConnectors | Fine Pitch - Automotive
Energy Bank ApplicationsConnectors | Fine Pitch - Industrial
HEV CapacitorsConnectors | Fine Pitch - Medical
High ReliabilityConnectors | Fine Pitch - Mobile / Wearables
High Reliability (Tantalum)Connectors | Fine Pitch - FloXY®
High Reliability (Tantalum | Q-Process)Medium & High Power Film Capacitors
High TemperatureMillimeter Wave Measurement System
IndustrialMLCC & Tantalum Interchangeability
MedicalPower Capacitor Customer Requirements Sheet
Motor Management - Engine Management & Transmission ApplicationsSensor Components
RF/MicrowaveControl Components
Solutions to Today’s Sensing & Control ChallengesThin Film Passive Components
WiFi (2.4-5GHz)WiFi (2.4-5GHz) Selection Guide
Wire Bond Components