Capacitors for High Temperature Applications

Capacitors for High Temperature Applications
Written By: Martin Barta | Slavomir Pala | Stanley P. Cygan
Traditionally, the main market for high temperature electronics is the downhole oil and gas industry. However, the avionics, automotive and many other industries also have applications which share the same key requirements of reliability under harsh operating conditions, including high humidity and dust, and the ability to withstand shock and vibration. Resistors and capacitors are ubiquitous in any electronic device and system. The lack of reliable hightemperature, high value capacitors has almost certainly limited growth in these newer applications.

Most current capacitor technologies on the market, such as aluminium electrolytics or film capacitors, are limited to a maximum temperature range of 125ºC – 150ºC or even lower. To achieve higher temperature ratings, ceramics and tantalum capacitors are used.