T4C Microchip

T4C Series Microchip
Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance ranging from 0.47µF to 22µF
  • Voltage ratings of 4 and 16 volts
  • Maximum DC leakage at one-half standard commercial limits
Typical Applications
  • Medical Implantable applications – Non-Life support
  • Medical Non-Implantable application – Life support

The AVX T4C series is a microchip designed tantalum capacitor targeted for use in Implantable – Non-Life support or Non-Implantable – Life support medical applications with space limitations. These components are screened using AVX patented Q-Process including 125°C burn-in and statistical screening to reduce risk of instability during the product life. The conservative designs and processes are also targeting low leakage current values. Qualified and produced in line with HRC4000 specification, the basic reliability of this family is better than 0.1%/1000 hours.