SRC9000 – TBC Microchip

TBC Series
Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance ranging from 0.47µF to 68µF; Voltage range from 4V to 20V
  • Case sizes L (0603), R (0805), and A (1206)
  • Incorporates extensive SRC9000 space level testing
Typical Applications
  • Satellites
  • Space exploration vehicles

The TBC SRC9000 series offers the world’s smallest tantalum capacitors with space level screening. The TBC series includes 0603, 0805 and 1206 case sizes in capacitance/voltage combinations previously only available in much larger packages. The revolutionary KYOCERA AVX TACmicrochip® technology offers designers significant opportunity to downsize circuits for military and aerospace applications. These components come standard with Weibull reliability level “C” and surge current option “C”. For details on the SRC9000 specification please contact the factory.