Implantable Life Support – TCP Series Low ESR Module

TCP Series
Features & Benefits
  • Capacitance ranging from 9.4μF to 1,980μF, Voltage range from 6V to 50V
  • Ideal for reducing board space layout where multiple tantalum components are used in parallel
  • Additional TCP module ratings and form factors may be available upon request
Typical Applications
  • Military
  • Avionics
  • Space

AVX designs and manufactures custom multi-capacitor modules using our medical implantable range of tantalum capacitors as sub-components. These modules can improve overall device size efficiency, and minimize placement cost. These are offered using our traditional HRC5000 or the new HRC6000 series. The TCP series improves volumetric efficiency and total assembly cost by offering modules containing several medical grade capacitors. Testing is done on the completed module to insure medical grade performance of the system. Modules are available in standard 2, 4, and 6 capacitor designs, and custom designs are available to meet specific circuit layout needs.